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Mini Churros

Cuisine: dessert
Keyword: chocolate, churros, cinnamon, good bites, sugar, syrup, tots, vanilla



  • Do everything to make the choux pastry excatly stated in the recipe for profiteroles (steps 1 - 8).
  • Heat a pot with oil till frying temp. While that is going on, have a tray ready with the fine sugar, vanilla beans and ground cinnamon. Mix thoroughly.
  • Pipe the pastry over the hot oil and cut with scissors as the pastry comes out. You can make them mini or longer if you like.
  • They take only a while to fry so as soon as they float to the top and the colour looks browned and golden, dish it out and drain on paper towels.
  • While they'e still hot, dump the churros into the vanilla-sugar-cinnamon mix and toss to coat.
  • Eat while they're still warm dipped in chocolate sauce with a cup of hot beverage!